Organic Atlantic Salmon
Organic Atlantic Salmon

Organic Atlantic Salmon

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Weight: 140-200g. |. Number of pieces: 12 (£5.33 per piece)
Approximate amount of Vitamin D per portion: 26-36 micrograms.

We deliver in your area one day every week. We will contact you to arrange and confirm a 2 hour delivery slot which is convenient once we have your order. Due to current demand levels orders received Monday - Wednesday will be delivered the following week.

Our best seller by far!

12 unbeatable skinless and boneless pieces.

Salmon is our best-seller, and it is that for a reason. In most supermarkets, you'll notice the big white lines going down the Salmon. This just shows that the salmon they're selling has basically been in a fish tank - it's not been swimming around. This isn't good for you, and it most certainly isn't good for the fish. Unfortunately this is also true of a lot of Scottish Organic Salmon. Our Salmon however is all organically farmed (kept in good wild-like conditions) in the Faroe Islands. It has a more attractive pink colour, and is flaky and moist, with a pure, rich and intense flavour and a supple, creamy texture.

Our Salmon is also all individually pressure-packed, so it is extremely easy to fit in your small freezer. Just dart it around all those tubs, boxes and loaves you've got in there! If you need a hand - Team Tom to the rescue (we've never failed at fitting a box of Salmon in a small full freezer!) ;-)

With MSC certification, seriously if you haven't tried our Salmon yet, you've got to give it a go. We can guarantee that you'll be wowed by the quality. Price-wise it's a very similar price to Waitrose's Scottish Salmon but ours is fresher, bigger pieces, from a better MSC source and includes our free first-class delivery service. Also, last I checked the Waitrose one wasn't even available! You'll never find us with Salmon sold out.

We supply the same Salmon, marinated with a 5% glaze. We currently have 2 different flavours and you’re welcome to split. Please see ‘Speciality Fish’ for more details.

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