Raw King Prawns
Raw King Prawns

Raw King Prawns

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Minimum Net Weight: 2kg (£30 per kg)

We deliver in your area one day every week. We will contact you to arrange and confirm a 2 hour delivery slot which is convenient once we have your order. Due to current demand levels orders received Monday - Wednesday will be delivered the following week.

Prawns are one of our best value items. You will not find Prawns of this quality at the price we offer anywhere else. In a leading supermarket, their very best Prawns are 2/3 the size, but cost a staggering £6 more per kg! According to our regular customers, our Prawns have also got a much better taste than any of the large Prawns you will find in the supermarkets.

The Prawns come in a 2kg bag, and it's like putting a large bag of peas in your freezer. You will only need 4-6 Prawns per portion size so they often last a nice long time. Remember they have a year's best before on them!

We also have Tempura Prawns available which are listed under “Starters”.

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