Meat Parcels

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12 x 250g pieces (£5.83 per piece)

We deliver in your area one day every week. We will contact you to arrange and confirm a 2 hour delivery slot which is convenient once we have your order. Due to current demand levels orders received Monday - Wednesday will be delivered the following week.

We supply a variety of five delicious Savoury Parcels (aka pies).

Here we have a mixture of Beef & Guinness Parcels (Tender Chunks of Beef, with Mushrooms and Onions, Cooked in Guinness, in a Light Puff Pastry) and Lamb Parcels (Tender Chunks of Lamb, in a Succulent Mint Sauce, wrapped in a Light Puff Pastry). They are 250g per portion, and absolutely full of meat of the highest quality. I kid you not, you will not find Meat Parcels of this quality anywhere else (we've looked!)

We suggest you put some grease-proof paper underneath them in the oven before cooking just to stop them from sticking. Everyone's oven differs so make sure you keep an eye on them. They are absolutely brilliant!