SACO - 6 x Salmon pieces, 6 x Cod pieces
SACO - 6 x Salmon pieces, 6 x Cod pieces

SACO - 6 x Salmon pieces, 6 x Cod pieces

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6 pieces of Salmon and 6 pieces of Cod

(6 x 140-200g pcs)

6 unbeatable skinless and boneless pieces.

Salmon is our best-seller, and it is that for a reason. In most supermarkets, you'll notice the big white lines going down the Salmon. This just shows that the salmon they're selling has basically been in a fish tank - it's not been swimming around. This isn't good for you, and it most certainly isn't good for the fish. Our Salmon is all organically farmed (kept in good wild-like conditions) so it isn't full of fat, it is easier to cook and comes out meatier, more nutritious and more delicious!

Our Salmon is also all individually pressure-packed, so it is extremely easy to fit in your small freezer. Just dart it around all those tubs, boxes and loaves you've got in there! If you need a hand - Team Tom to the rescue (we've never failed at fitting a box of Salmon in a small full freezer!) ;-)

With MSC certification, seriously if you haven't tried our Salmon yet, you've got to give it a go. We can guarantee that you'll be wowed by the quality. Price-wise it's exactly the same price of Waitrose's organic Salmon but ours is fresher, bigger pieces, from a better MSC source and includes our free first-class delivery service. Also, last I checked the Waitrose one wasn't even available! You'll never find us with Salmon sold out.

We also supply the same Salmon, marinated with a 5% glaze. We have 7 different flavours and you’re welcome to split a box of two different flavours. Please see ‘Speciality Fish’ for more details.


(6 x 140-220g pcs)

Our Cod Loins are big, incredibly fresh, chunky, skinless, boneless and sustainable. What more do you want? They also work out great value in comparison to anything else with which you could even begin to compare them to. One of our best sellers and an absolute must if you are a Cod fan.

Remember, these have been air blast frozen on the boat with an ice glaze to protect them and keep them fresh and best quality for at least a year. When you defrost them the ice glaze will come away. It is essentially distilled water. Just dispose of this and then cook to your hearts content!