Whole Breaded Scampi Tails (£27 kg)

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Minimum Weight 2kg

What a lovely picture! 

Tom LOVES Scampi! Has anyone else noticed how watery they are from the supermarkets though? Check the ingredients guys and girls - are you sure it REALLY IS Scampi? Also, in the supermarkets, they are only required to put a 6th of a Scampi Tail in and they're allowed to call it Scampi. What's the rest?

Our Breaded Scampi Tails are another one of those products which our regular customers will purchase time and time again. Fit into the size of a big bag of peas in the freezer like the Prawns. Quick and easy - just bake in the oven from frozen. You are guaranteed to love them - and they're another one of Judi's favourites!

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